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Learnt to say “Bread” on the third day of the treatment 2017-04-05

“Hang Yu, Hang Yu……” I was calling my daughter’s name, but she did not show any response. At first, I thought it was a hearing problem, but later I found out that she lacked of eye contact as well. After discussing with family members, we decided to take Hang Yu for a detailed assessment provided by one of the government's child assessment centres. She was finally diagnosed with Autism after waiting for almost one year.

At that time, I was very anxious and my mind was blank. I had tried to search different kinds of training for my daughter, such as group training specialised for Autistic children, but the results were not satisfactory. It was hard for one teacher to take care of a group of children with special needs at the same time. On one occasion, I heard from a friend that Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) provides a one-month intensive 1:1 Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment for children with Autism, so I applied for it. After attending the treatment, my daughter’s situation has improved noticeably.

“Bread, bread,” I could not believe it. The word “Bread” was come out from Hang Yu's mouth! Hang Yu has all along been unable to talk, but on the third day of the treatment she could actually pronounce a one-syllable word. During the parents' observation session in the middle of the treatment, I found that my daughter's social skills have been improved significantly. Hang Yu also started playing with her sister at home.

I am grateful for the help of APF and the therapists (Quincy and Joanna). Now Hany Yu can eat on her own and has also increased interaction with family members. All these seem very simple, but for my daughter they are hard to come by.  

(Recorded by Autism Partnership Foundation)