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Learning Buddies programme in-class stories 2018-08-03

Learning Buddies programme has been launched for a few months, let us see how are the buddies doing!

Chapter 1 School starts!

Our group training programme, “Learning Buddies”, was launched in May! Same as one to one programme, we are also applying ABA to this programme. The settings simulate the environment of a kindergarten classroom, children can learn and adapt to the normal daily school life. All the kids were attentive on the first day. This made a good start for the programme!


Chapter 2 Mother’s Day gift

Art lesson is one of the sections in our programme. In May, to prepare our buddies for Mother’s Day, our therapists instructed them to create a palm flower as a present for their mothers to show their thankfulness. Our therapists showed the buddies the steps first and then the buddies needed to do it all on their own. They did the cutting, colouring and collaging. This activity can train their skills to follow multi-step instructions. In the picture, they were showing their artworks to the therapists excitedly!


Chapter 3 Let us play games together!

Apart from Arts lesson, our therapists also designed P.E. lesson to play games with the buddies. Since there were more rules in games, we could train the buddies’ ability to understand and follow rules. At the same time, increased the interaction between the little buddies which could act as a rehearsal to meet new friends at school. In the picture, the little buddies were learning about the game rules and played happily!


Chapter 4 Can you differentiate the four seasons?

Recently, our therapists have been teaching the concept of four seasons during the class in view of the hot summer in Hong Kong. Based on the features of the seasons, they have created different kinds of artworks with the buddies such as flower, ice-cream, kite and snowman. These practices could teach the buddies to follow instructions and could also train the muscles of their hands. Some of the buddies found it difficult to follow and cut a straight line in the beginning but gradually they could cut it very straight! A parent told us that her son started to hum songs at home which he has never done that before. The core objective of the programme is to train children to adapt to school setting, however, we are also thrilled to know that the buddies enjoyed themselves during the lessons.


Chapter 5 Happy Birthday to Kit!

Time flies! The buddies have been having lessons together for more than two months already! In the beginning, they seldom interacted with one another and could not remember the names of the other buddies. During the snack time, they ate their own snack at their seats quietly. Yet, it is completely different now. They would share their snack, carry out simple conversation and say goodbye to each other. Their relationship is obviously tighter compared to the beginning. One day, the buddies and the therapists celebrated Kit’s birthday. The atmosphere was very delightful. We are happy to see their improvements and enhanced interaction because these helped them in learning social skills too!