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A fruitful ending after a lot of difficulties 2018-04-19

If sending kids with special needs to mainstream schools is the goal of their parents, Kobe’s mother did it! To her, the past few years were like riding on a roller-coaster. Every single step was a big challenge. Let’s hear what she says:

I remember Kobe was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. He made no response to sounds from the outside world, and the teacher of his nursery told me that compared with other classmates, his ability was far behind. In addition, he also showed stubbornness in many ways. I felt sad at that moment, but I did not give up. I resigned from my job at once and spent all my time taking care of Kobe.


I tried hard to arrange all sorts of suitable training for him, including the ABA one-on-one treatment for one month at APF.  Kobe was weak in expression; when people called for him, he did not know how to respond. The therapist at APF designed some training programmes especially for Kobe to improve his ability in description. For example, they would pick their topics from daily life to expand Kobe’s imagination. Gradually, Kobe has now become able to describe different sorts of things and matters.


After years of effort, we are finally seeing some light. A recent assessment made by the doctor suggested that Kobe could be transferred to a mainstream school. When I heard that, my feelings were conflicted, like tasting sweet in black coffee. It is just too good to be true! Looking forward, I know that there will still be challenges ahead, but I will not give up. I just want Kobe to improve each and every day.


(Recorded by APF)