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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2017-10-23

“I'm not shy to speak up”

"Big Brother" is a cute boy. He has a lovely face and big eyes. On the first day of his training, "Big Brother" could only use gesture to show his desire but not verbally. In order to improve his verbal ability, our therapist trained him with a series of related communication exercises. One morning, "Excuse me, please!" "Big Brother" said loudly while one of our therapists was blocking his way. He is now more eager to express himself verbally and we all are happy for him.

It's so much fun to "Play"!

Hin is a shy boy. He used to cry and call Mum at the beginning of the training. Besides, he did not know many ways to play. He loved spinning toys only. Our therapist taught Hin to learn different ways of play and aroused his interest in different toys, so as to increase his motivation to learn. Hin gradually enjoys playing with others and smiles all the time.

“I can stay focused”

Jett could not sit properly and was distracted easily during lessons. Our therapist taught him to control his temper by learning to wait for a period of time, starting from a few seconds to one minute. Jett gradually learned to stay calm and attentive in class.

“Smiley Boy”

"Little Pig" is a smiley boy. He always came to our centre with a smiley face. He was weak in language skills, he only had limited vocal ability. Our therapist trained him with verbal imitation which helped him to improve gradually. On the other hand, our therapist aroused his interest in different toys so as to increase his motivation to learn. After a few weeks, "Little Pig" has not only made more sounds or even words.

“I can follow what you do”

Jay is a lovely boy with big eyes. When we first met Jay, he had a weak imitation that not able to copy other actions. Our therapists helped him strengthen his imitation ability through different actions, such as pushing a toy train with a therapist together. Jay has become able to follow some simple actions! 

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of "UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup" and "Friends of Asia Hong Kong"