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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2017-09-22

“A smiley little boy”

When we first met "Little Bowl", he had a smiley face that impressed us a lot. Owing to weak imitation skills, he had limited vocal ability. Our therapist trained him with imitation and guided him to follow basic instructions such as sitting properly. Gradually, he could sit nicely during the training and could point with his fingers to communicate his needs.

 “I'm learning to wait”

Jovi is a lovely little boy. He always has a smile on his face. However, he was not able to control his temper and would yell and cry when he could not get what he wanted. Besides, he could not sit properly and was distracted easily during lessons. Our therapist taught him to control his temper by learning to wait for a period of time, starting from a few seconds to one minute. Jovi's mother was grateful for his improvements.

“I love having lessons”

Lung seldom looked at people and expressed himself in words of one syllable. Our therapist trained him with matching exercises and sound imitation. Lung was attentive during lessons and worked very hard. His concentration and cognitive abilities have been gradually improved. Lung's mother also expressed that her son had a great improvement in speech.

“I want to be a generous boy”

Fung liked playing alone and hated sharing. When someone was approaching his toys, he would be mad and screamed constantly. Our therapist aroused Fung's interest in playing with others through different social games and taught him to share things with others. One afternoon, we saw Fung sharing some candies with his peers. Great job, Fung!

“Shall we play together?”

Ching was a passive girl before and she could not make spontaneous requests when she needed something. Her voice was also very soft which was hard to be heard. Our therapist enhanced her vocabulary bank and trained her to express herself in a proper way. One morning, "Shall we play together?" Ching said loudly to her therapist.

“I enjoy playing with others”

Tin liked to play alone and did not care about others. Besides, his voice was too soft which was hard to be heard. Our therapist introduced Tin with different social games to improve his social skills and taught him to express himself clearly in longer sentences. After the training, Tin now can pay more attention to people around him and enjoy playing with others.

“I can do it myself”

Hung is an energetic boy. He used to jump and run around during the training. It was difficult for him to follow instructions. Our therapist taught Hung how to control his emotions and to sit properly which helped him to work better in class. We also trained him with self-help skills such as hanging clothes. One afternoon, we saw Hung hanging his jacket by himself. Good job, Hung!

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of "UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup" and "Friends of Asia Hong Kong"