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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2017-08-22

I'm playing Marble Run!

Kit was a passive boy with a soft voice. People seldom heard what he has said. In order to enhance Kit's communication ability, our therapist trained him to express himself in a full sentence. One morning, "I'm playing Marble Run!" Kit said loudly. Kit's mother also told us excitedly that he talks more now at home!

I am a smart kid

Ching had a poor concentration and could not comply with classroom rules. Also, she could not control her temper and would yell and cry when she could not get what she wanted. Our therapist has taught her to understand that she needs to be cooperative with others. Besides, we also built up her endurance by arranging her to play different games with other children. Ching now can better manage her emotions and stay calm in most of her unfavourable situations.

I like playing together

During the first three days of the training, Marcus did not cooperate with our therapist. He just wanted to be with his mother. Besides, he did not enjoy playing with others. Our therapist drove him into the training with ABA approach and taught him how to play different social games with peers. One morning, Marcus was playing "Traffic Lights Game" with our therapist happily! 

I want to be a good boy

When we first met Ethan, he was unwilling to follow instructions. He would also yell and cry when he could not get what he wanted. Our therapist taught Ethan how to control his emotions and to sit properly which helped him to work better in class. After a period of the treatment, Ethan was able to adapt to a classroom setting and was also willing to take instructions cooperatively. Good job Ethan!

I want to blow bubbles.

Hin did not make eye contact while interacting with others and he also had a weak pronunciation. In order to enhance Hin's pronunciation and imitation, our therapist trained him to imitate her oral motor actions. Also, he learned how to express himself in a full sentence during the treatment. One afternoon, "I want to blow bubbles." Hin expressed himself fluently with eye contact. Hin's mother was grateful for such improvements.

Lively "Little Bun”

"Little Bun" is a lively boy. When we first met him, he was weak in imitation and without eye contact. Our therapist trained him with related exercises and also did matching exercises for improving his concentration. On the last day of the training, "Little Bun" not only could use pointing to indicate what he wanted, but also could look at the therapist and follow her instructions. His mother was grateful for such improvements.

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of "UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup" and "Friends of Asia Hong Kong”