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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2017-07-21

“Can I refuse the injection?” 

Sam showed no interest in playing other toys except toy train. Our therapist used Teaching Interaction Method to equip him with understanding and associating characters with different props and acts according to scripts. One morning, "You need to take an injection." Sam acted as a doctor with an earpiece and said to his patient (therapist).

“You and I”

Yoyo is a lovely girl and she loves wearing floral dresses. We found out that she was weak in concentration and could not sit properly. In addition, she mixed up "you", "I" and "he". She would introduce herself by saying "Your name is Yoyo." Our therapist taught her to sit properly and also trained her how to use different pronouns. After a series of training, Yoyo is now able to sit nicely and use pronouns correctly. 

My London Bridge

When we first met Circle, he could not sit properly and was not able to use prepositions to describe items correctly in verbal. Our therapist not only taught Circle how to sit properly, but also trained him with verbal expression exercises. During the treatment, he used snowflake building blocks to make a "London Bridge" and told everyone excitedly, "I make this." It was really amazing!

The Little King of Singer

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes ……”, whenever we hear this song, we think of a little boy called Baby. Baby would sing and dance happily when his therapist was humming songs. Although Baby was a cheerful boy, he had poor eye contact and could not distinguish ordinary things. Our therapist shaped his eye contact with different exercises. We also taught him to understand different concepts and to be more aware of the surroundings. One morning, "I want to sing." We saw Baby expressed himself fluently with eye contact. Baby's mother was grateful for such improvements.

“Let's play together!”

Alvin did not enjoy playing with others. He would lose his temper when he was asked to play with peers. Our therapist used different exercises to build up his social relatedness. Gradually, Alvin has discovered the joy of playing with others, and he could even share his toys with other kids. His mother was so excited by such improvements. 

Our joyful baby

When we first met Lok, he could not sit properly due to his weak concentration. He was also not able to control his temper and would yell and cry when he could not get what he wanted. Our therapist has taught him how to control his emotions and sit properly. Then we also trained him with relevant cognitive exercises, for example, using different conjunctions to tell a story. Lok now can better manage his emotions and becomes a joyful baby.

A Little Story World

When we first met Sing, he had no eye contact and could not provide a description for an object easily. Besides, he did not show any response when someone called him. Our therapist trained him to think flexible and improve his imagination through storytelling. He is now able to think more flexible and answer people's questions with eye contact. Sing's mother also told us that Sing responded to her immediately when she called his name. She was delighted by such improvements.

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of "UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup" and "Friends of Asia Hong Kong"