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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2017-05-19

“Hello Hin!”

Hin is a cute boy. He has a lovely face with big eyes. On the first day of his training, he had no response when therapists called his name or asked him to come over, etc. We decided to train his social and listening skills intensively. One morning, we greeted him with a smile, "Hello Hin!" "Hello!" Hin responded to us at once. Apart from having reactions when people called his name, he could work for multiple-step instructions. We all are happy for him!

“Happy lesson”

Sing had a weak pronunciation and imitation. He also could not sit nicely during lessons. Our therapists trained his communication skills and also teach him to point with his fingers to address his needs. In addition, he was taught to strengthen his imitation ability through different actions (e.g., pushing a toy train with a therapist together). Sing became attentive in class and enjoyed learning. He started to point and say“Train”while looking at the therapist. 

“I love coloring!”

Ching is an energetic girl. She used to jump and run around. Owing to weak concentration ability, she could not sit properly. Our therapists found that she was interested in coloring, so we used it as a tool to increase her motivation of sitting properly with imitation exercises. One afternoon, we found that Ching was sitting nicely and coloring a flower on a worksheet. Great job Ching!

“One, two, three and four”

Ming could talk with our therapists confidently on the first day of his treatment. However, he was weak in cognitive and listening skills, so we decided to train him with relevant exercises which helping him to improve gradually. One afternoon, "Two is after one, three is after two…… one, two, three and four," Ming answered a therapist's questions without help. His mother was glad by such improvements.

"Where is the train?"

"Big Sweet Potato”is a robust and cute boy. On the first day of his training, he had limited vocabulary to express himself, such as grandma and train. Therapists found out that his language skills had room for improvement. Therefore, they taught him how to retain his request in a full sentence, for example, 'I want to play the train.' and 'Where is the train?' "Big Sweet Potato" loves playing toy trains. When he had learnt how to express himself in a full sentence, he started to say,“Where is the train? Where is the train…… I want to play the train.” His mother was glad by such improvements.

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of “UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup” and “Friends of Asia Hong Kong”