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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2017-03-22

“Small hands dragged big hands ” 

Ranon is a sweet boy. He used to drag our therapists’ hands to play with him. Owing to his high interest in English, this affected his ability in Chinese. Besides, his willingness to learn was low in the beginning. He was unable to do simple tasks by imitation. Because of his limitation in Chinese, our therapist enhanced his Chinese vocabulary bank and trained him with a series of relative exercises to improve his imitation skills. On the last day of training, Ranon dragged his mother’s hand and said goodbye to us. We all missed him reluctantly.

“Slow it down”

We used to think of Kinsey when we were very busy. His cognitive ability was quite the same with his same-age peers. His main problem was doing things at an extremely slow pace, which caused him to fail on multiple-step instructions. In addition, his speaking volume was too soft which was hard to be heard. Our therapist enhanced his vocabulary bank and trained him to express himself in a proper way. Kinsey’s situations have been gradually improved. His story also inspired us to slow down occasionally.

“Small step today, great tomorrow”

When we first met Viann, she had a smiley face that impressed us a lot. Owing to weak imitation skills, she had limited vocal ability. Our therapist trained her with verbal imitation and basic instructions which helping her to improve gradually. One afternoon, Viann’s mother heard a word “chocolate” from Viann’s mouth. She was amazed by such a great progress on her daughter! Small step today, great tomorrow. Cheer up, Viann!

“Between Calm and excitement”

“Waa waa ......” Ming kept crying and crying on the first treatment day. He was not able to control his temper and he would yell and cry when he could not get what he wanted. Our therapist taught him how to control his emotions. We also sought out the toys he was interested in and used them as tools (media) to increase his motivation of learning. After one month, Ming can better manage his emotions. Calm, is the best description for Ming after the training.

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of “UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup” and “Friends of Asia Hong Kong”