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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2016-12-30

Below are the progress of some children participated in our 1-month ABA treatment service in 2016.

Bo, a 3 years 3 months old boy, completed the 1-month ABA treatment this July. Before the training, Bo wasn’t able to respond to any social questions and rarely made request spontaneously. His vocabulary is limited and could only respond in 1 word. He would give up easily and would not request help. 
During the 1 month training, our therapists trained him to make spontaneous request in full sentence and got him to respond to social questions, such as “What’s your name?” and “How old are you?”. Our therapist, Susan, also trained him to sit nicely and look at teacher during class. To increase his comprehension skills, we also taught him to do different actions, attributes, and prepositions. 

Yin completed the 1-month ABA treatment in June. 3 years and 10 month old, Yin was unable to initiate for toileting. He couldn't control his behavior and would throw tantrums, cry and yell when couldn't get what he wanted. 

After 1 month of training, he no longer needs to wear diapers, and can initiate for toileting. He is less stubborn and he can now control his emotional better. Yin's mother also understands that clear rules with consistency can help regulate better Yin's behavior problems. 


Hong, a 3-year-old boy, just completed our 1-month ABA treatment in September. Before the training, Hong was not able to express himself verbally. Our therapists, Quincy, and Joanna, trained him oral skills intensively. We then can witness his improvements in speaking and pronunciation. He is now trying to quit diapers. Hong’s mother was amazed by such a great progress on Hong’s communication and social abilities obtained in this training.

At the age of 5 years and 4 months, Hang’s sound imitation was weak and he was unable to respond to any social questions. During the 1- month ABA training, our therapists, Quincy and Susan, trained him with matching exercises and sound imitation. His situation is improved and he is now capable to sing a song by himself. Hang’s mother was grateful for such improvements in the training.

Before the training, Zui had no eye-contact while interacting with others and he also had low interest in playing toys. Our therapists trained him with matching exercises. His concentration and cognitive ability have been improved. Zui’s mother acknowledged with gratitude of such improvements after the training.



“Twinkle, twinkle, little star……”,  whenever I hear this song, I think of a little boy called Sing. Sing loved dancing happily when his therapist was humming songs, especially “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”. Owing to weak cognition and listening skills, therapists trained Sing with relevant exercises which helping him to improve gradually. Sing has already completed his treatment. I looked up to the sky one night when I was leaving office. I definitely missed this dancing “Little Star”.

Acknowledgement: The sponsorship of “UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Cup” and “Friends of Asia Hong Kong”


Fung just completed our free 1-month ABA treatment in late Dec. Before the training, Fung had limited vocabulary to express himself and had a weak pronunciation.  Besides, his concentration was not strong enough. After 1 month training, Fung’s mother stated that he now can use long sentences to communicate and also know how to say “no” to express his thoughts.



“Waa waa ......” I heard someone crying loudly when I was drinking water in the pantry. He was John who came for training for the first day. He lost his temper because he failed to get a piece of chocolate. Our therapists calmed him down and try to teach him to be more initiative by verbally telling others what he wanted. We also taught John some other skills through playing games. After some days, I heard a familiar voice calmly saying: “I want car”, I couldn’t believe that this was John. His mother was glad by such a great progress on John’s communication skills in this training.