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Autism Partnership Foundation is always dedicated in providing supports to individuals with Autism and educating the industries and public through organizing conferences, events and workshops.

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2019-09-09 Snowy Mooncake Workshop

We held a snowy mooncake workshop in late August to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.
2019-10-11 Yellow Receipt Campaign

APF is glad to participate in the “Yellow Receipt Campaign”again which is organised by AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. For every 11th from Aug 2019 to Jan 2020, it becomes a meaningful shopping day at AEON stores!
2019-07-12 Italian Pizza Baking Party

On an early summer day in June, we invited our beneficiaries to join us in our Pizza Baking Party.
2019-05-29 Charity Gala Dinner 2019 - Singing in the Blue

We held our Charity Gala Dinner at Harbour Grand Hong Kong on 17 May. The theme this year was “Singing in the Blue”. The gala aimed at raising funds for providing treatment and assistance for underprivileged children with autism and their families.
2019-05-15 Autism Awareness Actions 2019 - Charity Sale

In response to “Autism Awareness Actions 2019”, Ahiru No Pekkle (Pekkle), who is always kindhearted, is back to support children with autism again!
2019-04-11 “Life, Animated” ​Screening cum Public Talk

On April 6, APF held “Life, Animated” Screening cum Public Talk at the Hong Kong Space Museum Lecture Hall, welcoming our beneficiaries and the public. We hoped that the public could learn more about people with autism and accept them through the movie.
2019-04-02 Autism Awareness Actions 2019

In response to "World Autism Awareness Day" designated by the United Nations, APF organises a series of campaigns for the rights and well-being of people with autism every year.
2018-12-03 “A” Blue Christmas

Christmas in Blue!
Blue is synonymous with supporting autism. APF is going to enrich the meaning of Christmas starting from this year by our campaign - “A” Blue Christmas.
2018-11-26 Parents Talk

In order to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to deal with the behavioural problems of their children with autism, we organised an interactive workshop for parents on 24th November.
2018-10-29 Learning from baking

Children learn different things through different life experiences, and learning surely can happen in a kitchen.