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Three-Day Parents’ Training Workshop 2019-11-01

APF conducted a three-day parents’ training workshop from 22 to 24 October, which helped parents strengthen their children’s spontaneous communication in daily life.

We arranged three instructors, including Ms. Christy Lai, APS’s Classroom Supervisor, Mr. Zon Leung and Ms. Samantha Mak, APF’s Case Managers. They introduced the basic concepts of Applied Bahaviour Analysis (ABA) and taught the procedures and skills to increase children’s spontaneous language. All parents paid full attention in class and made discussions.

In one part of the workshop, an instructor deliberately made some negative demonstrations, which allowed parents to observe some common mistakes that were easy to make, such as severely criticising children’s mistakes or setting unreasonable expectations. We also included a role-paly session where parents could do some practices before practising with a child. When the parents were practising their skills with the child, the instructors guided them directly.  We also encouraged parents to practise more, figure out what their children find reinforcing and gradually set higher expectations. Through this three-day workshop, we hoped the parents can apply the training skills and methods they have learned to train their children at home.